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4 University of Lapland, Faculty of Art and Design The title of the pro gradu thesis: A MASTER OF COLOUR WITH BLACK AND WHITE PERSONALITY The artist image of Eila Ampula as an textile artist Author: Sanna Telinkangas Degree programme / subject: Interior and Textile Design The type of the work: Pro gradu thesis Number of pages: 70, enclosures 6 Year: 2015 Summary: The purpose of this bibliographical case study is to clarify the image of textile artist Eila Ampula as an artist. The study also considers the quality and development of the artist s production as well as the the attitude towards her production of both critics and audience. The artist s extensive production, her personality and her exceptional life as an original member of a Finnish colony in Brazil make her unique. The point of view of the study is in many ways narrative. The material of my study consisted of stories and at the same time it was my aim to produce a whole new story. I founded my study on a view where life and identity are built on stories and where the stories both convey and construct information. The material consists of memoirs, images of her art, interviews of key persons, different documents and observations. The life story of Eila Ampula and its main points were clarified by analysis of her memoirs. Stories of art and the development of an artist were joined into the story by biographic and image analysis. These were complemented by information retrieved from interviews and observations. The image of Eila Ampula as an artist, her life, and art formed a whole that I then reflected on a definition of an artist image. Her phenomenal use of colour combined with her weaving technique based on the Finnish weaving make her production unique. As an artist Eila Ampula was an entrepreneur who was indifferent of artist myths. The master of colour s relation to her environment and the art world was largely defined by her straightforward and temperamental personality. For this reason I came to call her black and white. Keywords: textile art, textile artist, artist image, case study, bibliographical study, Eila Ampula I give a permission the pro gradu thesis to be read in the Library _x

Pohjolan Molli - Arkeen Turhautunut RemixPohjolan Molli - Arkeen Turhautunut RemixPohjolan Molli - Arkeen Turhautunut RemixPohjolan Molli - Arkeen Turhautunut Remix